Learn The Principles of Persuasion in 11 Minutes

  Whether it’s your firm’s clients or even coworkers, we all need to persuade people to do the things we want them to do. For my money, that is the essential challenge of working in the marketing field. If you are a regular HelpEverybodyEveryday.com reader or have seen my MindMarketing presentation, you know social psychology […]

What If The RFP Stipulates Experience Within The Last Five Years, But Yours Isn’t?

You have your hands on an RFP that is perfect for your firm. You have completed a ton of projects just like the client needs. But there is one gut- wrenching problem. The proposal asks for experience within the last five years. Your relevant projects are over five years old! Now, you could just throw […]

What If You Were A Proposal Superhero?

Many of us spend a great deal of our time developing proposals. I think the majority of us are pretty good at putting them together. We have learned from others, read the books, and attended the presentations. We all know the best practices. As children, we all knew superheroes. Normal people who were either bit […]

How Getting on Proposal Teams is a Lot Like Dating

The vice president of a construction consulting firm sent me an email after reading my SMPS whitepaper, “Marketing to the Mind.” Here is the question he asked: “How does one best apply these techniques to a crowd mainly composed of business development or marketing personnel? The vast majority of the national conferences and monthly organizational […]

What You Don’t Know About Marketing

This combines a series of posts about the basic concepts behind marketing. What is Marketing? Marketing is a very broad term, especially in the AEC industry. If you have been hired in a marketing position, it is likely for you to be performing tasks that you may have previously thought as public relations, sales, advertising, […]