How To Define Next Steps So They Get Done

Meetings have a reputation. They can be time sinks. It’s easy to walk away from one wondering what was accomplished and what, if anything, will get done. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, with one little change, you can dramatically increase the value of any meeting. Define Next Steps The Right […]

Can This Odd Device Help You Gain An Extra Week?

What if you had an extra 40 hours this year to work on whatever you wanted? Maybe you could learn a new skill or move a pet project closer to completion. I’m going to tell you about an odd device that has the power to give you that extra 40 hours. But first, let me […]

7 Productivity Links That Will Help You Get More Done

Here are the some of the best productivity links from around the web. How to Prioritize When Everything Is Important Mud Rooms, Red Letters, and Real Priorities Use Amazon’s Subscribe and Save to Automate Office Lunches What is Stoicism and How Can it Turn your Life to Solid Gold? Q&A with David Allen: Staying on […]

Why Fancy Hands Might Just Change Your Work Life For The Better

One of the biggest challenges many marketers have is too many things to get done but not enough time to get them done in. And it’s often the “little things” that clutter our todo list, like setting up appointments, editing word documents, researching information, etc. But what if you could get just one more task […]

Be The Baker, Not The Eater

During a recent Copyblogger podcast, Chris Brogan gave an interesting insight. He explained that we live in a world of information. We are constantly consuming this info. However, the number of content consumers is far greater than the number of creators. This creates an opportunity. Being The Baker We read a book to our son […]

What I Use: Matt Handal’s Favorite Gear and Tools

Lifehacker did this great series on hardware and software used by each of their writers. It sounds lame, but I found it very compelling. What I found was a few amazing tools that I had no idea existed. So, I decided to do my own. Maybe there are some things I use that you didn’t […]

4 Challenges that Stop Some Marketers From Achieving Success

What is Execution? Execution is “the missing link between aspirations and results.” When a strategic plan or initiative gets done right and achieves its objective, it has been executed. Sounds easy enough, but why do marketers find it so hard to execute? Here are some things that stop execution in its tracks and some time […]

Interview With Rachel Yoka on Productivity

In the February 2011 issue of SMPS Marketer, I interview Rachel Yoka, Vice President of Strategic Business Planning and Sustainability at TimHaahs. Much of what we talked about couldn’t fit in SMPS Marketer. But I felt the unused portions provided a perspective that would be useful to the HelpEverybodyEveryday readers. In this unpublished piece, we […]

Why Productivity is a Key Marketing Topic

  People rarely unsubscribe to this site. And I thank all of you that clicked on the link to the right and subscribed. But when they do unsubscribe, it’s always after a post on productivity. My Story Here is why I push productivity so hard. When I started my career, first with a real estate […]

Hobo Creative Suite 1.0 (Adobe CS if You Broke!)

Among Marketers, Adobe CS has become the de-facto standard tool for developing proposals and marketing materials. That ends today with the announcement of Hobo Creative Suite (Hobo CS 1.0)!!! Times are tough kids. Especially in the AEC industry, budgets are tight. Who can afford Adobe CS’s $1,200+ a seat? Let’s look at the benefits of […]