How To Justify Hiring New Marketing Staff

  One of the questions I always hear is: “How many marketers should my firm have?” That’s a very good question. And there are different rules of thumb used to answer that (like one marketer for every 20 people). I’m not sure if any of them are valid. I think the real question is, “How […]

What Should You Look For When Hiring A Marketer?

Last week, we went over three mistakes Principals make when hiring marketers. The next logical question is: Then who should Principals hire? A Listener I don’t think it is in your best interest to hire an extrovert or even someone who is very quiet and introverted. You should hire someone who is in the middle […]

3 Surprising Mistakes Principals Make When Hiring Marketers

It looks like the economy is improving and more firms are hiring new or additional marketing staff. Unfortunately, time and time again Principals make illogical and critical mistakes when hiring marketers. Let’s take a close look at three of them. Hiring Extroverts Over the years, we’ve collectively come to the understanding that there is a […]

The Complicated Relationship Between Efficient and Effective

After reading a post by Bernie Siben, I got to thinking. Efficiency sometimes gets a bad rap. Efficient means achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. You can do something wrong very efficiently. Or you can do something right, but do it very inefficiently. I think the concept is somewhat misunderstood. Consider this […]

Honesty Guidelines for Marketers

Honesty is a tricky thing. It is. I just walked through the “expert traveler” line at the airport. Have I travelled? Yes. Am I an expert traveler that met all the requirements on the sign? No. So, was I being dishonest by walking in that line? In the classical sense, yes. But everybody has their […]

How Should You Delegate

As you start to manage people, you must change the way you work. Unfortunately, the title of manager rarely comes bundled with any sort of training or direction on what managers do and how they do it. And as a result, those who are responsible for managing people often find themselves frustrated with their jobs […]