The Complicated Relationship Between Efficient and Effective

After reading a post by Bernie Siben, I got to thinking. Efficiency sometimes gets a bad rap. Efficient means achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. You can do something wrong very efficiently. Or you can do something right, but do it very inefficiently. I think the concept is somewhat misunderstood. Consider this […]

5 Must Read Business Books

I hate to read books. Not just business books, but any book. It’s true. All day at work all I do is read and edit letters, emails, proposals, etc. So the last thing I want to do when not at work is read any business books. But there are a few books that I consider […]

How Should You Delegate

As you start to manage people, you must change the way you work. Unfortunately, the title of manager rarely comes bundled with any sort of training or direction on what managers do and how they do it. And as a result, those who are responsible for managing people often find themselves frustrated with their jobs […]