Two Email Marketing Beliefs That Could Be Hurting Your Firm

  Many firms send out email marketing campaigns. But there is a question that lingers in many marketers’ minds: “Are we doing it right?” “Right” is a nebulous term. If your goal is to trip and fall, tying your left and right shoe together is the right way to “tie your shoes.” Therefore, whether you […]

How To Finally Get Content From The Technical Staff

  Don’t be a Shy Ronnie when trying to get content from technical staff. Here’s a problem you might be suffering from. Nobody at your firm writes articles for publications or posts for your blog. But then you see other firms don’t seem to suffer from that problem. You always see their content in magazines, […]

One Paragraph…One Idea

When you write, it will be in paragraphs. Unfortunately, 99% of people suck at writing paragraphs. This results in emails, marketing pieces, and proposals that are difficult to read. Luckily, there is one simple rule that you can follow to use paragraphs correctly and drastically improve your writing. One Paragraph One Idea Here is the […]

Be The Baker, Not The Eater

During a recent Copyblogger podcast, Chris Brogan gave an interesting insight. He explained that we live in a world of information. We are constantly consuming this info. However, the number of content consumers is far greater than the number of creators. This creates an opportunity. Being The Baker We read a book to our son […]

15 Grammar Goofs That Make Your Marketing Look Silly

It wasn’t until I got into the A/E/C marketing world that I learned how poor my writing really was.  Comparatively speaking, it was outstanding from the get go. But once I realized how critical writing is to this job, I raised the standards I set for myself. As a result, I spent a great deal […]

Say So Long To Writer’s Block

Today I have something truly awesome for you. No, not a book about proposals. Instead, we’re getting back to brass tacks! I have for you an infographic that’s going to cure your writing block and get you writing compelling content for blogs, industry publications, newsletters, etc. This one comes from our friends over at […]

Don’t Let Industry Jargon Consume your Firm’s Identity

Let me guess, you work for an “award-winning interdisciplinary (or multidisciplinary) firm that partners with its clients to offer sustainable, leading edge designs which solve complex problems.” And you do this by offering “personal service using the collective wisdom of your collaborative staff in a team approach.” It’s not that this description doesn’t sound great. […]