15 Grammar Goofs That Make Your Marketing Look Silly

It wasn’t until I got into the A/E/C marketing world that I learned how poor my writing really was.  Comparatively speaking, it was outstanding from the get go. But once I realized how critical writing is to this job, I raised the standards I set for myself.

As a result, I spent a great deal of  time and energy becoming the best writer I could be. Recently, I stumbled across this infographic identifying 15 common grammar goofs.

If you have any firm “principles,” you might want to send this their way.  🙂

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  1. What about inquiry and enquiry?

  2. Nice work Matt, I like the graphics.

  3. Judy Beebe says

    And don’t forget ensure and insure.

  4. Carrie Villani says

    I counted at least three misspelled slides at SMPS NERC. This was after keynote Peter Shankman told everyone not to make spelling mistakes.

  5. Jen Crawford says

    I see the misuse of ensure, insure, and assure quite a bit.

  6. Except or Accept, that’s one that has got me in trouble more than once

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