The Ultimate Guide To Writing Skimmable Proposals

It can be overwhelming. When you look at some RFPs, you can’t believe how much information they ask for. Why do they need all this information? But it’s the “golden rule.” They have the gold, so they make the rules. And we’re just playing the game by the rules they’ve laid out. So, you spend […]

What Superman Can Teach You About Getting and Keeping Your Client’s Attention

It’s hard to get anyone’s attention these days, especially a client who knows you want to sell them something. I’m going to teach you a counterintuitive tactic, that I call the “One-Two Curiosity Punch,” which is guaranteed to get people’s attention. Then I’m going to explain: Why it works How I’ve used it in everything […]

15 Grammar Goofs That Make Your Marketing Look Silly

It wasn’t until I got into the A/E/C marketing world that I learned how poor my writing really was.  Comparatively speaking, it was outstanding from the get go. But once I realized how critical writing is to this job, I raised the standards I set for myself. As a result, I spent a great deal […]

Why Your Marketing Words Suck

  I get to look at a lot of writing during my work. I’ve seen marketing materials from many firms. While the visuals are often nice, most of the words just plain suck. The other day, we were on a phone call talking to a firm Principal about a proposal effort. We were politely trying […]