The Ultimate Guide To Writing Skimmable Proposals

It can be overwhelming. When you look at some RFPs, you can’t believe how much information they ask for. Why do they need all this information? But it’s the “golden rule.” They have the gold, so they make the rules. And we’re just playing the game by the rules they’ve laid out. So, you spend […]

3 Golden Rules Of Proposal Design

Proposal design is a challenging topic. Everybody seems to have their opinion about what your proposals should look like. As someone trying to get a proposal out the door, dealing with proposal design can be frustrating. Especially if the people with those opinions don’t have any graphic design training. While you understand their opinions are […]

One Approach To Proposal Debriefs That You May Not Have Considered

Today, I want to share another excerpt from The Magic Of Winning Proposals that illustrates an important point. While this book is largely about proposals, it also gives you the answers for everything from capture planning to presentations and debriefs. It’s really a total solution. But for now, here is another excerpt. This one relates […]

DCMP Episode 2: The Magic of Winning Proposals

In this episode of the Design and Construction Marketing Podcast, I have an in-depth conversation with Laura Ricci, the author of The Magic of Winning Proposals. I write about this book a lot on I regard it as THE “how to” book on proposals. Talking to Laura just reinforced my belief that this lady […]

The Purpose of Graphics and Images in a Proposal…It’s Not What You Think.

More proposal graphics. More proposal graphics. I hear it all the time from “marketing experts,” contemporaries, and Principals. Put more graphics in your proposals. I even heard it from a client once. Here’s the story. A Grain of Salt For Proposal Graphics We had a debrief with a water authority on the west coast. This […]