DCMP Episode 2: The Magic of Winning Proposals

In this episode of the Design and Construction Marketing Podcast, I have an in-depth conversation with Laura Ricci, the author of The Magic of Winning Proposals. I write about this book a lot on HelpEverybodyEveryday.com. I regard it as THE “how to” book on proposals. Talking to Laura just reinforced my belief that this lady […]

How To Write The Proposal

Not only have I released a new e-book, I also created a complimentary website called How To Write The Proposal.com. HowToWriteTheProposal.com is a free website/resource aimed at those who have little to no experience writing proposals. It gives a basic overview and description of what information to put into a proposal and how to go […]

How Much Influence Do Relationships Have on Proposal Selection?

There is a sermon that far too many people in this industry preach. I hear it all the time from experienced “marketing experts.” Over and over again they say, “don’t submit a proposal unless you have a relationship.” “Don’t waste your time and money subscribing to lead services, you won’t get anywhere without relationships.” If […]