Is This The Best Way To Approach Industry Conferences?

Folks, I’ve deemed November conference month here at I think this will either give people some great ideas about how and why to attend industry conferences or it will start an entirely new conversation about conferences. The topic of industry conferences is a divisive one. For example, my views on industry conferences probably fly in […]

How To Write The Proposal

Not only have I released a new e-book, I also created a complimentary website called How To Write The is a free website/resource aimed at those who have little to no experience writing proposals. It gives a basic overview and description of what information to put into a proposal and how to go […]

Dear Client: Do You Intend To Hire Us?

In the world of business development, little tweaks in your approach can really go a long way. Actually, I like to refer to them as hacks. Here’s one that will help you close the deal! Over at Neuromarketing, they posted about the power of asking the client to give a prediction on whether they’ll hire […]

Become a YOUtility

Jay Baer perfectly defined a concept  you’ve heard from many people including me, Ford Harding, Tim Klabunde, Mel Lester, Mark Buckshon, etc. You succeed in business development by becoming a YOUtility. I think the term nails the concept (no pun intended). I’ve always found it a little hard to explain, especially to technical folks. The […]

How Much Influence Do Relationships Have on Proposal Selection?

There is a sermon that far too many people in this industry preach. I hear it all the time from experienced “marketing experts.” Over and over again they say, “don’t submit a proposal unless you have a relationship.” “Don’t waste your time and money subscribing to lead services, you won’t get anywhere without relationships.” If […]