The Networking Mistake That Causes Distrust. Are You Making It?

I see it all the time. People go to networking events and immediately give people a reason to distrust them. And worst of all, they have no idea they are doing it. So, I’m going to explain what this mistake is and give you an easy way to avoid it. But first, let me tell […]

Become a YOUtility

Jay Baer perfectly defined a concept  you’ve heard from many people including me, Ford Harding, Tim Klabunde, Mel Lester, Mark Buckshon, etc. You succeed in business development by becoming a YOUtility. I think the term nails the concept (no pun intended). I’ve always found it a little hard to explain, especially to technical folks. The […]

Networking Tips for the Lazy

  It’s not what you know it’s who you know. But very few people feel comfortable talking to strangers. In fact I remember mom and dad telling me something about strangers…not to talk to them. But over time, that tune changes. In business we are told to schmooze to network. But do you find networking […]