The Huge Opportunity You Are Missing At Conferences

A lot of people get frustrated with conferences: either because they are sick of people asking what the firm gets out of it or the work just doesn’t come pouring in after the event. This is because there is a huge opportunity that everyone seems to miss. The big opportunity at a conference is not […]

Why Conference Booths Make You Less Effective

I was at a conference recently and a competitor asked why we didn’t have a booth. “I don’t believe in booths,” I explained. This lady’s jaw dropped. Then she tried to pitch me on why getting a booth is a good idea. It’s not. Here’s why: Booths, By Their Nature, Are A Reactive Approach To […]

Is This The Best Way To Approach Industry Conferences?

Folks, I’ve deemed November conference month here at I think this will either give people some great ideas about how and why to attend industry conferences or it will start an entirely new conversation about conferences. The topic of industry conferences is a divisive one. For example, my views on industry conferences probably fly in […]