Do You Have a Sales Advantage Over An Extrovert?

It never fails. People always make the same stupid mistake. They assume that extroverts have an advantage when it comes to sales. Worse yet, since they are not extroverts, they assume they don’t have what it takes to sell. So what do they do? They go out and hire an extrovert to sell for them. […]

The Difference Between Bugdust and a Clear Advantage in Proposals

Mark Buckshon over at Construction Marketing Ideas posted about my article on which font to use for proposals. He raised an interesting point regarding how important the use of fonts in proposals is and whether this discussion could be considered bugdust. Think of it this way. In the 2008 Olympics, many swimmers wore special suits […]

How The False Consensus Effect Can Destroy Your Marketing

You know how you are always baffled why everybody basically agrees with you except that one person? What’s that person’s problem? Can’t they see that everybody else would obviously see things your way? The problem is that you are suffering from the False Consensus Effect.  We are terrible at predicting the behavior of others, yet […]

Dear Client: Do You Intend To Hire Us?

In the world of business development, little tweaks in your approach can really go a long way. Actually, I like to refer to them as hacks. Here’s one that will help you close the deal! Over at Neuromarketing, they posted about the power of asking the client to give a prediction on whether they’ll hire […]