The Best Unknown Websites Not Mentioned

Recently, Tim Klabunde over at has been doing a series called “the Best Unknown Websites.” Here are some sites Tim didn’t mention, but are still worth checking out.   Hootsuite This is a tool that works with your Twitter account. The two main things it does are allow you to track who clicks on the links […]

How to Write 200% Faster

As a marketer, you probably do a lot of writing, especially when you take into account letters, emails, proposals, notes, plans, etc. Writing takes time and sometimes it takes time away from other things we could or should be doing. Imagine a world where you could write up to 200% faster. How much more productive […]

Don’t Let Perfect be the Enemy of Good Enough!

  Lesson of the Day: Don’t Let Perfect be the Enemy of Good Enough! This site has officially launched. The first lesson you can learn from this site is simple: Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good enough. When we do something, we want to make sure we do it right. So often we […]