Your A/E/C Social Media Intervention

Please have a seat.  This is an intervention. We’re here because we love you and would like to say a few things about your social media use. First, you signed up for LinkedIn. Hey, we did it too. We see nothing wrong with that. And if that was were you stopped, we wouldn’t be here. […]

The Best Unknown Websites Not Mentioned

Recently, Tim Klabunde over at has been doing a series called “the Best Unknown Websites.” Here are some sites Tim didn’t mention, but are still worth checking out.   Hootsuite This is a tool that works with your Twitter account. The two main things it does are allow you to track who clicks on the links […]

Social Media Training for A/E/C Firms

Some people don’t understand what helping people has to do with marketing. I’m a big believer in doing the right thing and helping people make the right choices. The right choice is not always going to be your service or the widget you are selling. Believe it or not, sometimes the best marketing is actually […]

How To Update Your Business Status with Microblogging

I was recently at a seminar where an “internet marketing expert” said that we should all be on  Twitter is the fastest growing social network on the Internet. On Twitter, you are expected to consistently post short messages, known as “tweets,” about what you are doing. On other social networking sites like LinkedIn and […]