Social Media Training for A/E/C Firms

Some people don’t understand what helping people has to do with marketing. I’m a big believer in doing the right thing and helping people make the right choices. The right choice is not always going to be your service or the widget you are selling. Believe it or not, sometimes the best marketing is actually telling people not to buy what you are peddling and go somewhere better. I can give you many examples where this has benefited people in the business world (especially my mechanic). 

And here is one personal example. ZwiegWhite contacted me and asked me to do a talk on Twitter, LinkedIn and socialmediawhateverwhoseamacallit at their Marketing Now! conference in San Francisco, CA. It just seemed to me that there was a better match in Vik Duggal. He is more plugged into that world than I am. I just kind of assumed he would do a better job than I could. And after watching the video of his full presentation, its confirmed. In the end, everybody ended up happy. And everybody being happy is a nice achievement.

I think Vik’s talk about social media in the A/E/C industry was very good. He fielded a lot of questions that I think many marketers in the A/E/C industry have. And its worth watching, and of course, provided for your below.

 Social Media Training for A/E/C Firms Video

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