You Have No Idea How Many Visitors Your Website Gets

I thought I knew how many people visited this website. It turns out I had no idea. And guess what, you have no idea how many visitors your website is getting either. Recent events gave me an education on just how poor the analytics we use to judge the performance of our websites are. This […]

AEC Social Media Chat With SoMegos

  Today, we tried a little experiment. I sat down with Adam Kilbourne, Dana Galvin, and Holly Bolton on Google+ Hangouts. We talked about the state of social media in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Although we had a few technical difficulties, we decided to post it up for all to see. Leave […]

When Is The Best Time To Post a Blog?

I really like what Dan Zarrella, over at Hubspot, does. He uses very large data collections to make conclusions about the “science of social media.” I’ve seen his presentations and I really love his scientific approach. According to Dan: [quote]I also make the point that my results are based on huge aggregates of thousands, millions, […]

Your A/E/C Social Media Intervention

Please have a seat.  This is an intervention. We’re here because we love you and would like to say a few things about your social media use. First, you signed up for LinkedIn. Hey, we did it too. We see nothing wrong with that. And if that was were you stopped, we wouldn’t be here. […]

Why Do We Really Need A Strategy?

If you’re like many other firms, you’ve had one of the following things happen: A website redesign with several false starts (or maybe even never gotten off the ground) A brochure or mailing campaign that everybody grumbled about under their breath after it went out New stationery or logo roll out that half the people […]