The Best Unknown Websites Not Mentioned

Recently, Tim Klabunde over at has been doing a series called “the Best Unknown Websites.” Here are some sites Tim didn’t mention, but are still worth checking out.



This is a tool that works with your Twitter account. The two main things it does are allow you to track who clicks on the links you post on Twitter and schedule when your tweets occur. That way you can sit and sip lemonade while tracking the tweets people think you are making.



Lifehacking is a movement that’s centered on making your life easier. This site provides tools and tricks that can help you be more productive and less stressed out. Who doesn’t want that?  



Did you ever send someone a link that was so long that the person that received it couldn’t click on it. I certainly have, but not in recent memory. This site takes those long web addresses and cuts them down to size.



Need to keep up with your commitments? Toodledo is, in my opinion, the best web-based task management application around.


AGC Smartbrief

Want to know what’s going on in the construction industry? The Associated General Contractors Smartbrief will send you an email everyday that’s keeps you up to date. But wait, that’s not all. There is also American Society of Civil Engineers Smartbrief and Construction Specifications Institute Smartbrief.


Free OCR

Got a PDF file you need to turn into text? Here is a website that can turn your PDF, jpeg, and various other files into text.


What did you think of our version of the best unknown websites? Want more? Let us know by commenting!

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