What If You Were A Proposal Superhero?

What it looks like to be a proposal superhero?Many of us spend a great deal of our time developing proposals. I think the majority of us are pretty good at putting them together. We have learned from others, read the books, and attended the presentations. We all know the best practices.

As children, we all knew superheroes. Normal people who were either bit by a radioactive spider, hit with radiation, found some ancient book, or react to the earth’s yellow sun in a way that makes them something beyond human. They can lift more than us, run faster than us, see things we can’t see. These people are given a gift, and they use it for the good of people they care about.

The thing these superheroes value most is their secret. Under the mask or behind the curl, they are like you and me. In a sense, it is the secret that makes them super.

What if we could be more than human when it came to our ability to develop proposals. What if we could be proposal superheroes? What if we had these powerful secrets?

I’m working on something very exciting. It has to do with proposals. I’m not at liberty to discuss it, but now it stands as the best thing I’ve ever done.

I think you’ll agree. It is coming soon and I’ll be able to reveal more shortly.

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