Why Mistakes In Proposals Don’t Matter…and What Does

When I first interviewed for my job, the Director of Marketing at the time told me one of her biggest frustrations was mistakes in proposals. She wanted mistake-free proposals. And I was on board with that idea. Over the next 5 years, we spent countless hours combing for, finding, and correcting mistakes in our proposals. […]

Want Better Proposals? Stop Worrying About Bug Dust!

Several Linkedin forums have been debating about cliches in proposals. These conversations devolve into debates about bug dust. What Is Bug Dust? Bug dust is defined as elements of your proposal that have no significant influence on whether you win the job or not. Should you use contractions in your proposals or is that too […]

Architects and Engineers Suffer From Mass Superiority Delusion

Architects, engineers, accountants, and attorneys suffer from mass superiority delusion. They believe that there is nobody better at what they do than themselves. The truth is you can bet they’re not the best at what they do.The reality is there are tens, if not hundreds, of professionals just as good who have almost identical experience […]

What If You Were A Proposal Superhero?

Many of us spend a great deal of our time developing proposals. I think the majority of us are pretty good at putting them together. We have learned from others, read the books, and attended the presentations. We all know the best practices. As children, we all knew superheroes. Normal people who were either bit […]