Make Your WordPress Site Lightning Fast

I know many people in the A/E/C industry use WordPress for their corporate site (including me). Wouldn’t you love it to be lightning fast? One of the key plug-ins I use to speed up my WordPress sites is W3 Total Cache. I first learned about it from Brian Hill. Alex Denning over at Noupe wrote […]

Your A/E/C Social Media Intervention

Please have a seat.  This is an intervention. We’re here because we love you and would like to say a few things about your social media use. First, you signed up for LinkedIn. Hey, we did it too. We see nothing wrong with that. And if that was were you stopped, we wouldn’t be here. […]

How I Built a Great A/E/C Corporate Website for Under $7,000

Over the last several months, I published a series on how I had our entire A/E/C corporate website redesigned and built for under $7,000. I got a lot of great response from readers in the A/E/C industry who really liked the series and found it helpful. I’ve collected the entire series here for easy navigation. […]

The $7,000 A/E/C Corporate Website: The Technologies

I mentioned in my last post that I would talk about the new technologies in our site. You probably wouldn’t know these technologies are built into the site without me telling you. I think the best technologies are the ones that you don’t necessarily notice. Let’s take a look at them.

The $7,000 A/E/C Corporate Website: Bring on the Consultants

I’ve gone over the design, goals, and major concepts of our website redesign. But I haven’t touched much on the how. Remember when I said that the SMPS National Build Business conference played a major role in the redesign? That’s what this post is about.

The $7,000 A/E/C Corporate Website: Major Concepts

As I laid out in my last post, I had certain goals for our website redesign. They included: Reduced Bounce Rate and Increased Conversion Increase Time on Site Better Placement on Google Succes(s) Approach to Text Two Blogs Increasing time on the site and better placement on Google had an obvious solution. We incorporated two […]

The $7,000 A/E/C Corporate Website: Goals of the Text

Once I had an idea of what the website would look like, which you can read about in my previous post, it was time to get to the easy part…the words. Or at least that’s what I thought. In my mind, words are important. With anything I do, I tend to focus much more on words […]

The $7,000 A/E/C Corporate Website: Design

Ok, where was I? Oh yeah… I had made a lot of effort on the website. I created an rfp, shortlisted firms, interviewed, and checked references. But I was left with no feasible designer, no idea of what it would cost, and no website. Initial Design Concepts I knew one of the major sticking points would […]

The $7,000 A/E/C Corporate Website: Setting the Challenge

About a year ago, I embarked on a journey to redesign our firm’s website. At first, it proved to be a major challenge. But ultimately, I used a unique approach which provided our firm a great corporate website for about $7,000. And guess what…you can use the exact same approach. Since many of you may […]

Other Considerations When Rethinking Your Website

To follow up from my last post, here are some additional things you should rethink about your website. Findability If you are an architect in Cleveland and a google search for “Cleveland architects” doesn’t bring up your site, that’s a problem. Your website, above all else, needs to be findable. While Google’s ever changing algorithms […]