Other Considerations When Rethinking Your Website

To follow up from my last post, here are some additional things you should rethink about your website.


If you are an architect in Cleveland and a google search for “Cleveland architects” doesn’t bring up your site, that’s a problem.

Your website, above all else, needs to be findable. While Google’s ever changing algorithms make it impossible to game the results permanently, there are simple things you can do to make your site more findable.

Social Proof

Does your site show visitors that others like them have chosen your firm? Most people would say, “yes.” But I often find websites over emphasize flash over the social proof. If you are an MEP firm, rather than a beautiful picture of pipes show a picture of a smiling client or a quote from a client.


Does your site prove that you have an expert or experts on staff. Yeah, it’s great that all 20 people in your office are LEED certified. But is there an expert among them? Is there someone doing something remarkable in the areas of sustainable design?

Take into consideration these points and those from Mel Lester’s recent post when rethinking your website.

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