How I Built a Great A/E/C Corporate Website for Under $7,000

Over the last several months, I published a series on how I had our entire A/E/C corporate website redesigned and built for under $7,000. I got a lot of great response from readers in the A/E/C industry who really liked the series and found it helpful. I’ve collected the entire series here for easy navigation.

Building the $7,000 A/E/C Corporate Website

Setting the Challenge

How the challenges and key requirements for our new website led me to conclude that the typical process wouldn’t work.


How I spent $325 and walked away with design concepts for our website.

Goals of the Text

Setting up goals for your website text.

Major Concepts

Why I added two blogs and decided not to spam.

Bring on the Consultants

How I selected a writer and developer to finish the website.

The Technologies

How HTML5, mail chimp, RSS, markdown, and other technologies are incorporated into the $7,000 A/E/C corporate website.


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