The Cost of Bid Pulling

The A/E/C marketing community is a very close-knit and supportive community. That’s what the last few days have taught me. Thursday’s post on bid pulling really struck a chord with many people. I got a ton of email from people who had something to say about this topic. Everyone who contacted me really felt for […]

Why Your Architecture or Engineering Firm May Become a Small Business on March 12th

If your firm works on government projects, there is some news that you need to know. The federal government is changing their definition of “small business” for architecture and engineering firms. These new definitions take effect on March 12th and they may have a significant impact on your business. The changes have to do with […]

Proposal Development Secrets: Win More, Work Smarter, and Get Home On Time

Remember I said there was something exciting I was working on. It’s officially here, and I want you to be the first to know about it. Before I tell you all about it, let me give you a little background. What I’ve Learned About Proposals I believe my experience in the world of proposals to […]

How Getting on Proposal Teams is a Lot Like Dating

The vice president of a construction consulting firm sent me an email after reading my SMPS whitepaper, “Marketing to the Mind.” Here is the question he asked: “How does one best apply these techniques to a crowd mainly composed of business development or marketing personnel? The vast majority of the national conferences and monthly organizational […]

Can You Use Photos You Find On The Internet For Proposals?

I enjoy the messages and questions that come across the LISTSERV of the Society of Marketing Professional Services. One person recently asked this question: “Anyone willing to share information or provide a resource for information about copyright or use of image or articles (such as google, etc.)?” This is typically a legal question. And while […]

Forms over Function

Who hates forms? Yea, I realize they are necessary. But seriously my Principals have not been arrested for crimes against humanity. Can’t I just write that down once and be done with it. Why do you keep asking me in every different form for every different agency in every different state. How about a centralized […]

What If The Proposal Doesn’t Get There? Five Proposal Nightmares You Can Beat!

As business developers and marketers, we are on the hook to make sure that the client gets the proposals on time. We know it’s always imperative to get the proposal in under the deadline, but what do you do when it doesn’t get there? “Why in the world would a proposal not get there?,” you […]