My Birthday

Is it weird to wish myself a happy birthday?

I turn 42 on Tuesday, December 6th.

My and my family

The conversations with my kids have become outrageously cute. In particular, my son Logan seems to have a strong interest in what I do for a living.

Logan: “Dad has the best work ever.”

Matt: “Really, why do you say that?”

Logan: “Because you go on adventures in the big city.”

Matt: “I spend most of my time in the office. But what do you think I’m actually doing when I’m in my office?”

Logan: “You help lots of people using your computer.”

…Ok, close enough. I’ll take it. 🙂

Me and son at his first business lunch

(My son at his first business lunch in Philadelphia.)

On my birthday, I’m asking for one favor. Just one.

Can you tell me how Help Everybody Every Day has changed your life?

It could be winning new contracts, or getting meetings with clients, or working more effectively with your technical staff.

This year, I’m especially interested in hearing about how you’ve improved your proposals — whether that means you started a go/no go process, or stopped concentrating so much on bugdust, or made use of some of my writing tactics or formulas.

This is all I want for my birthday, and these stories are the reason I’m spending more and more time on Help Everybody Every Day.

When I say I read every single response, I mean it.

If my material has helped you in ANY way, please share your story in the comments below.


  1. My proposals get better after almost every read of your emails! Why? Because your style brightens my day, your content gets me thinking. The result is better work from me.

  2. First – Happy Birthday Matt! What has HelpEverybodyEveryday (what have you) done for me? Well, about 70 percent of the time I receive confirmation that what I have chosen to do in the business development trenches have for the most part been good choices. I generally get very little feedback so it is nice to know that your suggestions, direction, and helpful hints are along path that I have typically treaded. The other 30 percent includes the new things I have learned from the wealth of information, ideas, and perspectives in HEE. So thanks for providing all the insight and help over the years.

  3. Happy Birthday. Your SF330 template has helped me greatly. Your insights offer a new ways to think about and approach situations I face when working on proposals. That helps the entire team.

  4. Matt, HEE has helped me to write clearer, more concise proposals and to prepare for more effective interview presentations. I also get to chuckle every time I read one of your emails. Thanks for all you do and I hope you have a fabulous birthday!

  5. Matt: Your tips on the SF330 helped me won a project!! Yeah..! I also read your book, I think it places emphasis on the little things that, most of the times, we miss.. Thanks for that. Happy Birthday my friend!

  6. Happy Birthday Matt! As a newbie to the AEC markets I’ve been following you since May, use your content to learn more about proposal trends, best tips. Of course always interested in your take on technologies that aid the space and hope to connect at some point.

    Have a great one, and great pics of the family!

  7. Hi Matt, You’re a great encouragement to me. Having your input is like having a Business Development Manager at my disposal. (You see, I wear a lot of hats at this firm…like all of them). Your emails are fun and encouraging. Plus, your book, Proposal Development Secrets, has some great information that has been helpful. Happy Birthday!

  8. Bill Stineman says:

    Thanks, Matt. I’m a client-turned-consultant and your support and thinking helped me to transform my thoughts and experiences into more effective proposal responses. I’m now more effective in managing resources and focusing on my client’s needs in my responses. Thank you and Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday, Matt! I’m new in the A/E/C industry. Your posts are like puzzle pieces, they help me see the big picture 🙂 Thank you!

    • I’ll echo Marika’s sentiment in that I am also new to the industry and your blog helped make it seem less intimidating than it had when I first started almost a year ago. Thanks!

  10. Happy Birthday, Matt! Your efforts have helped educate me and provided support in the world of AEC Marketing. You are a valuable resource! Your webinars and trainings are worth every minute. I love your candid approach and openness to share your insight with others. Thank you for modeling this for our industry!!!

  11. Happy Birthday Matt!!! You are an amazing person. Really! The wealth of information, that you willingly share, is truly inspirational. And your delivery is the best – usually with a great sense of humour! I run a small residential interior design firm and I’ve been following you since 2012 (and quite possibly longer)… Here’s an example from 2013 of how you’ve helped me (and others). I forwarded your email “[Proposal Crash Course] Slap Your Clients In The FACE”, dated November 24, 2013 to a young intern architect and wrote this:

    “Remember I was telling you about this guy that I follow called Matt Handal and he has this website/blog called “Help Everybody Everyday”… he writes articles specifically for the AEC industry and I was going to send you some info. Anyways, I got this email this morning and thought of you. If you scroll down to the bottom, he has links to all 5 lessons. The lessons are short, simple, and often obvious, but a lot of people forget that, so they’re great reminders. Anyways, he’s a pretty cool guy, and I like his perspective on proposal writing – K.I.S.S.”

    Matt, I’ve shared your emails with many other colleagues throughout the years and I’ve discovered (and also shared with others!) really cool and helpful apps, websites and service providers, due to you. So sending out a BIG THANK YOU to you, for all that you do for this industry!

  12. All together now – Happy Birthday, Matt! I don’t have much to report regarding proposals but what I will commend is your honesty and pragmatic approach to marketing. I know when I read your posts that I’m going to learn something or get a recommendation for a tool you have successfully deployed versus a regurgitation of the latest trend or mantra. PLUS, your blog is a perfect example of quality content marketing. Seeing your beautiful family and knowing how demanding your job is, I don’t know how you make the time to deliver the goods week after week, but I’m grateful that you do.

  13. I keep a copy of your “PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT SECRETS” book, also known as the Marketing Bible, by my desk. It helps us make incremental improvements, with increasingly better results. And when we don’t get selected we often go back to the Marketing Bible to identify, “Here is where we didn’t follow our plan.” Thanks Matt, and happy birthday.

  14. Shraddah Reyna says:

    Your resources and tips have helped me learn how to write to the RFP and make sure “every word earns it’s way on the page.” I started reading you stuff when I was still quite new to this side of the industry and your enjoyable writing style kept me coming back. Thanks for helping me create better proposals! Happy Birthday!

  15. Here’s to another great year, Matt. Happy to let you know how you’ve helped me over the years since I first heard you speak in Michigan to the Society for Marketing Professional Services. Useful and entertaining presentation and I was hooked by the turkey and the persuasion of Helping Everybody Everyday. Great information in your newsletter that I can use in my proposal development. Always look forward to seeing what you and your network have to share. Proposal Development Secrets is a good summary and handy reference. Tell Logan that I also enjoyed reading Clowny that you wrote for him. You introduced me to Brent Darnell of BDI Publishers who helped me with my dream of creating a Love is a Dog and Some Crayons – Weimaraner Coloring Book by my dog Trent to benefit Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue. We raised $350 in the first three months it was on Amazon this year and have hopes it will help many grey ghosts find fantastic foster and forever homes.

  16. Happy Birthday Matt. This blog has provided me with some great information on how to better engage people. I’ve picked up some fantastic tips on telling better stories, creating email introductions and you have even taken time to individually respond to some specific questions about my marketing programs. Thank you for all of the great insight.

  17. The one thing that sticks out the most aside from getting a good laugh and great insight when I read you emails, when you were talking about first getting into the business, and your boss sent you to a conference to network. You were shy, and came to the decision that it would be easier for you to just concentrate on how you could help the persons you approached and spoke with. I use that all the time now!!! Some other things: the SF330 template and advice; getting rid of the bugdust in proposals… just finished one where we really tried to make every word count and be accounted for. So, THANK YOU FOR SHARING! And, of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!

  18. Just the concept of help everybody every day is a great one. I was intrigued from the beginning and have learned a lot of cool things from Matt. Andy when these cool things are applied, my life gets better. I will be starting on my Freedom Journal very soon. Been busy buying, renovating, and selling houses. Keep up the great work my friend!

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