How To Track Relationships When You Don’t Have A CRM

In my last post, I described how to choose the best CRM for your firm. But what if a CRM just isn’t in the cards for you or your firm at the moment? Don’t fret. There’s actually a lot you can do without a CRM. But before we get into that, I want to share with […]

What’s The Most Appropriate CRM For Your Firm?

Let’s talk about a common question I get, “What’s the right CRM for my firm?” Many, many, firms don’t have a CRM. If you are one of those or you feel your CRM isn’t the best fit…don’t fret. There are many options out there. And I have some advice for those looking to find the […]

The Perfect CRM For A/E/C Firms

What is the perfect client relationship (CRM) management tool? Does it exist? If not, what would it be like? What functionality would it have? What information would it hold or display? How would it be priced? There are many different CRM tools out there and the term CRM has taken to mean many things. In […]