Do You Suck At Conferences?

Conferences, let’s talk about them. They are expensive, but many people swear by them. They explain that it’s a great opportunity to meet potential clients from all over the country. Much more cost effective then flying out to meet with each of those people. I’ve been to two conferences in the last couple months. One […]

Networking Tips for the Lazy

  It’s not what you know it’s who you know. But very few people feel comfortable talking to strangers. In fact I remember mom and dad telling me something about strangers…not to talk to them. But over time, that tune changes. In business we are told to schmooze to network. But do you find networking […]

How to Keep Up With Your Business Contacts

Someone asked me a question today.“Do you have a system you recommend or have written about regarding how to keep track or make contact with contacts?  I am having difficulty coming up with a system to manage my contacts. “I’m probably not the best person to answer this question. I don’t have a system I […]

Help Everybody Everyday vs. Being a Jerk

  Me: Hi, I’m looking for Doug. Doug: Yes, that’s me. Me: Hi, my name is Matt Handal. I work for a company called Trauner Consulting in Philadelphia. We met at a design and construction network event in July. Doug: Yes, I remember. Me: I understand it’s your birthday today. Doug: Ha, yes it is. […]

Why are Marketers So Bad at Followup?

I meet a fair amount of fellow marketers and I have found out something interesting about them. They are shockingly bad at followup. They go to networking events and give out/collect business cards. But they rarely will ever follow up with you after that initial encounter. If you follow up by sending them an email, […]

Should You Bring Your Card to Business Networking Events?

It is 11:37pm and I am on a train from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia. I was just at the Washington D.C. Design and Construction business networking event. The event was held in Arlington, VA (you can learn more about the group at During this event Tim Klabunde, of fame, was laughing at the […]