3 Ways to Get People To Do What You Want

In the business environment there are three, and only three, ways you can get a person to do what you want. They are as follows: Institutional Power  If you have institutional power over someone, meaning that you can reward or punish him or her in the work environment, then you can wield that power to […]

Five Things To Do If You Get Laid Off From Your Marketing Position

I sense that a good many marketers are getting laid off due to the current economic situation. If you get laid off, what can you do to get back on your feet and land a new job? I’m certainly no expert on job searching. But here are a few things that have worked for me […]

Why Should You Feel Obligated to Them?

As I was interviewing with one of the owner’s of my current firm, he posed this question. “There is often a adversarial relationship between marketing and the technical staff. How will you deal with that?” The question took me by surprise. I had never experienced that. In my world, your veins don’t have an adversarial […]

What is the Objective of a Marketer in the A/E/C Industry?

Why were you hired? You might think you were hired to update the website, or to help with proposals, or to write press releases, or to open doors to new and exciting clients. But none of those things represent the reason you were hired. The only reason a marketer ever gets hired is the bring […]

Is the Boss a Roadblock to Your Marketing Success?

Is the Boss a Roadblock to Your Marketing Success? The construction industry is tanking fast and you are probably feeling more pressure than ever to show results. So what’s stopping you? One of the most common roadblocks to success that marketers complain about is their boss. This problem manifests itself in many different ways. Sometimes […]