Is the Boss a Roadblock to Your Marketing Success?

Is the Boss a Roadblock to Your Marketing Success?

The construction industry is tanking fast and you are probably feeling more pressure than ever to show results. So what’s stopping you? One of the most common roadblocks to success that marketers complain about is their boss. This problem manifests itself in many different ways. Sometimes the boss is “micromanaging”, “doesn’t give enough time and attention”, “just doesn’t get it”, or maybe is just a “stupid jerk.” Luckily, there are ways to resolve this situation and clear those roadblocks. It’s time to tame the wild boss. Assessing the Situation

Let’s look at the different elements in play here:


  1. Your Boss
  2. You
  3. The Environment


Ultimately, we want to change the element that is your boss (i.e. get the boss out of the way of your marketing success). The most direct solution is to control your boss. Unfortunately, the only sure-fire way to get your boss to do what you want is to be promoted twice. That’s right. Become his or her boss. If that’s not a reasonable option, we’re gonna have to deal with your roadblocking boss another way.

So, we’ve determined that your boss is a constant. Let’s think about what other variables we have to work with. By changing the boss’s stimuli ( i.e. you), we may be able to trick the boss into bringing down that roadblock.

Simple Changes that Will Change the Boss’s Behavior

Here are some simple strategies to help you tear down the roadblock.

1. Stop your Whining and Get Back on the Straight and Narrow

First things first, there are a lot fewer secrets in the corporate world than you would like to think. If you are complaining about the boss to coworkers or other industry professionals, chances are he or she knows. So never verbalize, write, or sing anything negative about the boss. If others are doing this…walk away.

If you are pulling any “fast ones” with time, mileage, or expenses stop immediately. Guess what, you are not that smart and your boss is not that dumb. You can bet your GPS-enabled cell phone that your boss’s ability to check up on you is only getting better.

2. Rethink Your Title

If you are in marketing or business development, you were hired because someone thought having you around would increase revenue. Whatever you job title is, your new one is “Senior Person Who Does Something to Bring in Revenue We Wouldn’t Normally Get.” You are in the business world. In this world the bottom line is everything.

3. Be Effective

Is what you are doing now something geared towards bringing in revenue? Can its success be measures in revenue? If not, stop and redirect your efforts to align better with your new title. This doesn’t necessarily mean pick up the phone and start cold calling. You need to figure out what actions are needed to move you toward your objective. This could be many things including developing a website, maintaining relationships, strategizing, writing an article, or maybe even some cold calling.

4. Under Promise and Over Deliver

Don’t promise your boss the moon. It’s always better to over deliver than deliver on target. Over delivering is also a heck of a lot better than under delivering. Figure out a realistic goal or metric, then take it down a notch.

5. Use Your Boss’s Strengths to Your Advantage

Learn your boss’s strengths and exploit them. What does he/she do well? How can you alter the way you work to take advantage of the boss’s strengths. Many of us focus on the weakness of others. That gets you just about nowhere. Successful marketers know that a leopard does not change its spots. Instead of trying to change your boss, focus on what he or she does well.

6. Roleplay

Take a step back and see things through your boss’s eyes. Roleplay and ask yourself why the boss thinks that way. Understand your boss’s philosophy and objectives.

7. Realize that You Have More Control of Your Time.

The further up the corporate ladder you climb, the less control you have over your own time. Your boss is at more meetings, fields more complaints, and gets more people begging for “just five minutes” of his time. What can you do to help the boss get more out of his/her available time? The answer is most likely #9.

8. Beg for Forgiveness Rather than Ask for Permission

Don’t ask your boss’s permission unless you absolutely have to. In all likelihood, you probably don’t need as much feedback or input as you think. Empower yourself to solve problems, lead initiatives, and meet goals.  If you mess up, take responsibility, say you’re sorry, and explain what you learned from the experience.

9. Focus on Internal Relationships

Often marketers concentrate on developing relationships outside the office and neglect the importance of internal relationships. Ask yourself this question, what made Magic Johnson, Wayne Gretzky, or Joe Montana so great? People who played with or against them will tell you one thing…they made the others around them better. And just like a great athlete, a great marketer makes those around them better. Whether it’s your boss, a project manager, or the receptionist; if you concentrate on making the others around you successfully, you will be much more effective.

10. Overcommunicate

Many marketers shoot themselves in the foot by not communicating what they are doing. So overcommunicate to everyone in your office or firm. I’m not talking about bragging or patting yourself on the back. I’m talking about reporting. If you don’t feel you are communicating too much, you are not communicating enough.

By using these strategies, you’ll not only start to see those roadblocks disappear, you will also experience a more positive and successful working environment.

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