The Perfect CRM Update

Some people have asked about the results of the perfect CRM exercise. The result was that the objective of the exercise was realized. The seed has been planted in the brains of CRM users and, in some cases, CRM developers.

I can tell you that CRM companies like Deltek and Cosential have visited the site since we did our posts. Our voice has been heard, but let me start with a bit of history.

A few months back I had a long phone and email exchange with Dan Cornish, CEO of Cosential (Many A/E/C firms use their CRM product). This conversation was initiated by Dan (which I was impressed with). Dan and I don’t necessarily agree on many of my thoughts on CRM. But I left the conversation with the realization that Dan is about as passionate as they come on the subject of CRM. That conversation may have prompted him to post about a new direction for his product. (Note: I’m not a Cosential user, expert, or spokesperson. Although, I had used it many years ago).

I also left the conversation understanding that part of Cosential’s strategy is to “out innovate” the competition. And as a fan of Peter Ducker, I certainly respect that. (See Cosential’s iPhone app, cloud architecture, and upcoming spreadsheet-inspired user interface option).

Dan recently posted his response to my vision of the Perfect CRM. You can read it here.

First off, Dan says that part of the problem with CRM is that the purchase of these systems is not always driven by those responsible for marketing success. So he makes the argument that the current CRM systems reflect what was asked for. But he does see a future where my vision of the Perfect CRM has a place in the market. Dan says the post “is really a great roadmap on how CRM systems should evolve.” So this little exercise may impact the CRM industry in a big way.

The debate about the Perfect CRM willl continue. We were  interviewed for an  issue of Zwieg White’s Marketing Now! publication that comes out today.  This will be the first time the authors have addressed the subject since the postings.

Lastly, next year, SMPS Marketer may further explore the issue of the perfect CRM.

Can you start or contribute to a conversation that changes our industry for the better? Yes, you can! That’s what this site is all about. So, join the conversation. Let your voice be heard!

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