Simple Formula for Dramatically Improving your Sales Presentations


I think a lot of people selling professional services have a hard time figuring out what the heck they are going to say when preparing for a sales presentation. Engineers especially struggle with this.

Some engineers find it hard to stop thinking like an engineer and start thinking like a marketer. They are often more comfortable with numbers than words. The good news is that you can apply formulas to words just like you do numbers.

By applying formulas, you’ll develop presentations that are dramatically better. You’ll be asking yourself, “did I just say that?” Here is one such formula:

  1. Make a statement
  2. Illustrate it with a short story
  3. Explain how this benefits the client (I.e. Who you are presenting to)

Here is an example:

“As a young CPA, I was always getting into trouble with my boss. I was known as the guy who would always bring back a problem. My first assignment was for a dairy farm. I figured out that the dairy was giving kickbacks to the area schools for using their milk. My boss wasn’t happy because that dairy was one of his top clients. I’ll apply the same analytical mindset when auditing your construction contracts. I’ll find problems that others won’t see.”

Using the statement – story – benefit formula can help anyone turn a tired old presentation into a powerful presentation. Another great thing about using formulas is that it’s easy to teach to others, especially to those who have a B.S. (rather than those who just bs). It’s easy, give it a try.

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