Be The Baker, Not The Eater

Baker Baker Cookie Maker

During a recent Copyblogger podcast, Chris Brogan gave an interesting insight.

He explained that we live in a world of information. We are constantly consuming this info. However, the number of content consumers is far greater than the number of creators.

This creates an opportunity.

Being The Baker

We read a book to our son called, Baker, Baker, Cookie Maker. In the book, Cookie Monster is baking cookies. And we all know that he loves cookies.

Each time he bakes a batch, the Sesame Street gang come in and eat the cookies…leaving Cookie Monster with no cookies.

He keeps making larger and larger batches. Finally, everyone is satisfied and he gets one cookie (which he happily eats).

Be the baker. Spend your time creating content, not consuming it. Being “in the know” is great, but you’ll be happier and more successful by spending your time creating content.

As Chris Brogan said, he never got work by knowing who was on Dancing With The Stars. Spend your time baking, not consuming!

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