Why Are You Working Today?

It’s a simple question. Why did you come into work today? Why do you get up every morning, get dressed, and commute to the job you have? You could have any job. So, why do you, day after day, go to the one you have? If you are sitting there without a clear answer to […]

8 Thoughtful Gifts For Engineers And Architects

It’s that time of year again. Black Friday and Cyber Monday seemed to creep up on us from behind… …making us feel guilty that we’ve barely polished off our kid’s Halloween candy… …let alone put even one brain cell into buying holiday gifts. And for me, it’s time to share what has turned into a […]

Should You Expect Failure?

Isn’t it the worst? You try something new, but the result is less than spectacular. It’s frustrating because you see others try the same thing and it seems to work flawlessly for them. What’s going on? Why do things look so easy for everyone else? Are these people just better or smarter than you? The […]

The Complete Guide To Getting That Raise Or Salary You Want

For many of us, it’s that time of year again. Time to start thinking about that raise or salary that has somehow alluded you.  If you are in that situation, I suggest you check out Ramit Sethi’s Ultimate Guide To Asking For A Raise And Negotiating Salary. In this guide, he shows you how much a […]

How To Survive The Marketing Department of One

Today, I’m excited to present to you a rare guest post at Help Everybody Everyday. It’s on a topic that I have been asked to write about, time and time again, by various readers. I’m happy to call Bernie Siben, CPSM, a mentor and a friend. Bernie has been more instrumental to the success of […]

I Paid Someone $9 Per Hour To Do My Job For 5 Days

Yes, I paid someone $9/hour and they did my work for 5 whole days. That statement would have seemed ludicrous to me just two years ago. How could you possibly pay someone $9/hour to do your job for you? That can’t be legal, right?!?! Something about it just doesn’t seem right. Today, I’m going to […]

The Case For Paying Marketers More

“Wouldn’t this apply to in-house marketers working for firms?” I asked. “I believe it would,” the attorney replied. At that moment, I knew I had stumbled on something I just had to share with you. Today, I’m going to make the case for why many marketers are not being properly compensated under Federal law. I’m […]

Dominate in a Male Dominated Business

Let’s face it, the A/E/C marketing industry is female dominated. But the A/E/C industry itself is extremely male dominated. This creates a situation where women are working for and with a lot of men. That’s got to be a challenge. But luckily there are a few organizations in our industry encouraging and supporting the advancement […]

What The Movie Avatar Can Teach You About Working With Architects And Engineers

Working with architects and engineers might seem frustrating. How many times has one responding to your advice or idea and by doing so convinced you they were from another planet? The problem isn’t what they said or that they just didn’t get it. No, the problem was what you were wearing! Getting Into The Capsule […]

The Secret to Success Discovered?

Many years ago, I was on the phone with Tim Klabunde (now with Timmons Group) and he said something that probably changed my life. Today, I sent Tim an email that said: “You’re gonna love this…” The email contained a link to an article printed in the New York Times entitled, “Is Giving The Secret […]