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You Are Awesome and I’m Giving You This New Webinar

Team Aven Website

That’s right! You’ve really inspired me. And I’ve got some exciting things to tell you.

A little over a week ago, I reached out to you to see if we could help raise $10,000 for little Aven Crane’s cancer battle. And boy, did the Help Everybody Army step up to the plate!

You helped Team Aven crush their $10K fundraising goal in a matter of days! In fact, they raised over $17K.

Not only did the Help Everybody Army donate, but some of our soldiers helped raise awareness by posting on Facebook.

Again, I’m inspired by your awesomeness! Aven’s journey continues. And it’s not too late to donate. But I’m confident, working together, you helped save a 3 year old’s life!

You get it. I help you. You help me. And together, we help others. Help Everybody Everyday is a “for purpose” win-win venture. And it wouldn’t exist without you!

The Free Proposal Webinar

And here’s some really cool news. I love SMPS. So when they called me to see if I was interested in volunteering a free webinar for all members, I said of course!

On May 14th at noon, I’ll be presenting Proposal Blunders You Don’t Know You Are Making (But You Are)

This brand new webinar is absolutely free for all SMPS members. You can go here to register.

If you are not a SMPS member, you can join here:

This new webinar exposes several things firms think they are doing right, but they are doing wrong. Register today and invite your technical staff to watch. You’ll benefit, they’ll benefit. And hey, it’s during lunch time anyway.

The Wake Up Light – People Love It

A couple months ago, I wrote about the awesome Phillips Wake Up Light I use to get me up in the morning. I know several readers took a chance and picked one up. A few people have commented on their experience. Here’s what one reader, Tara, had to say.

“Wanted to let you know that I impulsively bought the Philips Wake-up Light based on your recommendation, and it is even more glorious than I had dared hope. For decades, waking up every morning has been a rather traumatic experience, even when using alarms with volume build-up control.

I’ve had the light for a few weeks, and in that time have discovered that I am in fact a morning person, capable of amazing feats of productivity while it is still dark outside. Instead of waking up to a seething sense of loathing and bitterness against the world in general, I now wake up with a smile on my face, looking forward to the day. I don’t quite know what to do with so much contentedness, but I am incredibly grateful for your recommendation. Thanks!”

You are welcome, Tara.

If anything I’ve written about on this site has helped you, I’d love to know. Shoot me an email or post a comment below. I read every comment and every email.

What Between Two Ferns Can Teach Us About Professionalism and Marketing

Everybody knows that in business you have to keep a “professional” demeanor. Image is important, right?!? You don’t want to be seen as anything other than the epitome of professionalism.

That’s why President Barack Obama’s recent appearance, and unquestionable success, on Between Two Ferns is so surprising. Is there a lesson we can learn here?

The POTUS Between Two Ferns

By now, you’ve heard the story. In a desperate attempt to get young people to sign up for plans through, our President agreed to be skewered on camera by Zack Galifinakis.

By all accounts, it was brutal. Among other things, the comedian asked whether he was planning a presidential library in Illinois or “his hometown in Kenya.”

Why would the most important person in the world subject himself to such indignity?

Because it worked!

That video is said to have funneled over one million visitors to in the first 24 hours.

In the video, it was clear that Obama was being real, held his own while being disrespected, showed some emotion, and was able to take a joke.

If you think, “Oh, he was just acting,” look closely at the end when he goes to shake Zack’s hand. It’s some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen.  There is no way his acting is brilliant when getting skewered, but then suddenly breaks down at the end. I firmly believe some of Zack’s barbs got under his skin.

Lessons Learned

People don’t connect to those who are perfect. The whole idea that you’ll attract more interest by being the epitome of professionalism is ridiculous! Acting that way will only hide you. If you want real trust and real respect, you have to be willing to show some dents in your armor.

You have to be real. The real you is not perfect. The real you is, let’s face it, a bit flawed. The real you makes mistakes.

I can’t think of a President in my lifetime that wouldn’t make fun of themselves, that didn’t recognize their own flaws.

Let’s face it. You are not the President of the United States. Heck, if we are ranking the most important people in the world, you’re not in the top 10. Friend, you’re not even in the top 1,000. So, don’t take yourself so seriously.

Showing Weakness

Research shows that the most trusted experts show weakness. I’ve been preaching that architects and engineers who aren’t willing to show weakness are, in fact, shooting themselves in the foot.

We don’t trust anything that appears or presents itself as perfect. That’s because we know from experience that no person or thing is perfect. Perfect just doesn’t exist in our world. Our natural reaction is immediate skepticism when something appears too perfect.

In contrast, if someone admits their flaws, we no longer have to search for their imperfections. We recognize that person as “just being honest.” We can trust those who are honest.

Admit your weakness, then follow it up with your strongest argument or trait.

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