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Trying To Get It All Done When You Know You Can’t

In this episode, I have a frank conversation with, full-time professional, father, and part-time podcaster, Cesar Abeid about dealing with all your commitments, the struggle of trying to get it all done, and how he found the right system to help him.

Along the way, we discuss how our approaches to this problem meet and diverge. We share the tools that help us get through the day. Cesar also shows us why you don’t have to take a cookie cutter approach and how someone can customize a productivity system that works for them.


Getting Things Done

Cesar’s Conversation With David Allen




GTD Plugin for Outlook




GTD Notetaker Wallet

PM For the Masses Podcast

Construction Industry Podcast

Depending on where you are reading this: you can listen to the podcast below, at this episode’s page (where you can also download the mp3), or by subscribing through iTunes.

The Ultimate Proposal Writing Manual Launched Today (What Happens Next Will Inspire You)

magic of winning proposals available today

Over 2,700 warriors in the Help Everybody Army now have The Magic Of Winning Proposals.

To give you some perspective, a business book that was bought by that many people would be a New York Times best seller. But I gave it out for free (and you can still download it from the email I sent last week).

Today, this proposal writing manual officially launches to the world. And it might just stand as the biggest thing I’ve done and quite likely the biggest launch of a book in our industry’s history.

Thanks to many partners, over 153,000 people will be receiving a free copy of this book (without the extras exclusive to the Help Everybody Army) in their email sometime this week.

But that’s not all. The paperback version of The Magic of Winning Proposals is now available for purchase on Amazon.

Today can be a big win for our profession. So, I’d like your help getting this book on Amazon’s top ten list in the Marketing & Sales category.

How You Can Help

The most obvious thing you can do is buy a copy for yourself, someone you love working with, your team, or someone who just doesn’t “get it.”

Our friends at the Philly and Central PA SMPS chapters have already volunteed to buy 30 copies each to give out at upcoming events. You’ll probably be on Amazon for Cyber Monday, so I hope you’ll contribute to the cause by buying a copy.

Plus, if you don’t like reading long PDFs on a screen, here’s your chance to own the paperback.

Get The Paperback Here Today

Post Your Review

But you don’t have to spend a dime to help the Help Everybody Army achieve this goal.

If you’ve read the book, share your thoughts on Amazon because that helps others decide whether the book is right for them.

Your review doesn’t have to be Shakespeare, we’re just looking for your honest opinion. It doesn’t even have to be more than a few sentences.

Post Your Short Review Here

Root Us On

Check Amazon’s Top 10 List for business books over the next day or two. Check it insessently. If you don’t see The Magic of Winning Proposals in that list, say, “You can do it!” Send us your positive energy. Cheer us on!

If you see us in the Top 10, raise your arms up knowing that today we’ve won. There are thousands upon thousands of us slinging proposals to client after client for days, weeks, months, and sometimes years at a time.

All alone, some of us may be marginalized or pushed aside. But together, we’re a powerful force to be reckoned with. Together, helping each other, we are strong. Together, we are an army. We can’t be marginalized. We can’t be pushed aside.

Help us take a book about our profession, written by one of our all time greats, to Amazon’s Best Sellers list.

Help us make a statement to the world through your wallet, your words, or your thoughts!

Click Here To See Amazon’s Top 10 List

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