10 Web Designer Red Flags Nobody Warned You About

The December 2009 issue of SMPS Marketer includes my latest article. The article is entitled 10 Web Designer Red Flags (That Nobody Warned You About). SMPS Marketer is a publication available to members of the Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS.org). They are kind enough to let me host it here for our lovely Help Everybody Everyday readership.

You can download a pdf copy of the article here: https://helpeverybody.wpengine.com/downloads/webdesignerredflags.pdf

I wrote this article after a SMPS member asked me to look at a proposal she received from a web designer. I didn’t like what I saw. Much of this article is lifted directly  from my email response to her. Another portion of this article stems from my talks with several web designers who tried to BS me over the phone, assuming i knew little to nothing about web design, web hosting, and server technologies.

Web design is a moving target because the technologies and methods change so rapidly. While this article may anger more than a few web designers, they will know its accurate to the letter.  If you ever have a challenge or topic that you would like me to address, just send me an email, hit me up on twitter (http://www.twitter.com/matthandal), or give me a call. I’ll be glad to help.



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