How To End Conversations With Potential Clients


I hate when people end conversations with potential clients like this:

“Here’s my card. If you need anything, I would be happy to help.”

Why is that bad? First, you are basically saying that you are available for them to hire. So, it’s about you.

Second, you’ve given them absolutely no reason to call you. “If you need anything,” is very vague.

Third, you now have no reason to ever call them again. You’ve left the ball in their court. You just gave him or her all the power.

The Better Way to End Conversations With Potential Clients

Here’s a better way to approach it. When I’m talking to a potential client, I’m going to end the conversation with a gift.

“We do a webinar series on (topic we discussed). Would you like me to set your team up with a free webinar?” “I know a person who is an expert in (frustration he/she mentioned) that you would benefit from knowing. I’ll connect you two.” “There is a great book on (topic we discussed). I’ll send you a copy.” “Why don’t I set up a meeting between you and our experts to discuss how (our other client) is addressing (his/her challenge).”

Why Is This A Better Approach?

First, I’m sending the message that I care about his/her success. I’ve made it about them, not me. In fact, I care more about them than I care about my own interests. This establishes trust.

Second, in many cases I’m proving my people to be experts. We’re giving the webinar, we wrote the book, my people are the experts I’m bringing to the table. Science shows that people listen to the experts.

Third, I’m giving. We’ve all grown up in a culture with specific rules. If someone gives to you, you are expected to give back. Since that is ingrained in our minds, we feel internal pressure to give back to people who give to us.

Fourth, I have the next action. They don’t have to remember to call me. I’m going to contact them. At least for the moment, I’m in control of the situation.

Next time you are trying to end a conversation with a potential client, end with a gift. Just remember, the gift needs to be more than your card.

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