How Can Your Proposals Compete Against Big Firms?

How can my proposals compete against the big firms? That’s a question people always ask me. And I get it. I work for a small firm (under 50 people) that competes with firms who have tens of thousands of people. And we certainly win more than we lose to those guys.

But here’s the thing. No client says:

“Let’s choose XYZ Firm because they have __ thousand people and __ offices!”

That just doesn’t happen.

The reason these firms are so successful at winning competitive procurements has nothing to do with their size. It’s really the other way around. They’re big because they win a lot.

So, How Do You Compete With Them?

The answer is pretty simple. You do what they do. You level the playing field.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Well, duh, Matt. If I knew what they did, I’d do it.”

That’s good because I’ve got an exciting, game changing, announcement that you’re gonna love.

The Holy Grail of Proposal Writing

There is a handbook in existence that details the tactics large firms (including two of the top five consulting engineering firms in the world) use to dominate competitive procurements.

It’s not publicly available.  No hardback or paperback edition has ever been printed. In fact, right now you couldn’t buy it even if you had $10M burning a hole in your pocket.

I’ve acquired the rights to this book. And I’ve spent thousands of dollars of my own money to update, redesign, and publish this book.

The Real Deal

The more I learn about this book, the crazier it gets. I’ve been getting amazing emails from people, including an executive at a firm that generated $20B in revenues in 2013, who have used the tactics in this book to outstanding success.

So, I’ve got the rights to the holy grail of proposal writing. This book could easily make firms millions of dollars.

I could announce my retirement and live on some tropical beach drinking gin rickies, right!?!?

Come on, you know me better than that!

The Epic Announcement

Later this month, I’ll be GIVING IT TO YOU FOR FREE!

That’s right. I promised some of you a free book this year and I’m going to deliver. And boy, am I going to deliver in an EPIC way…

…probably the most epic thing I’ve ever done.

Later this month, I’m going to send this book to every subscriber.

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But That’s Not All

It would be enough to give you a manual that detailed a proposal system that I could guarantee will help you win more contracts. But I’m going one step further and adding a dash of awesome sauce. I’ll be giving you all the tools you need to to implement this system.

Thanks to this amazing resource, the Help Everybody Everyday Soldiers are going to be formidable proposal gladiators in 2015.

And Then There Is Something Even Cooler

If you’re a faithful soldier of the Help Everybody Army, you’ll remember I said I was working on TWO game-changing endeavors.

Well, after I deliver the holy grail of proposal writing to you, absolutely free, at my expense…

…I’ve got another game-changing surprise exclusively for readers.

I can’t wait to share it with you. And I’m doing this all because readers are awesome! We’re going to end 2014 with a bang.

We’ll start the ball rolling next week with the first excerpt, so keep an eye out!

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  1. Mark Baker says

    Matt, I am a subscriber. You asked for examples of a competitive proposal that it hurt to loose. Well, I had my share of success, but I’ve also had so many losses! Ouch. There was the hospital where the facilities VP was heading up the Selection Committee, but he decided to quit his job in the middle of the selection process, so his deputy made the selection but the deputy can’t really describe why he choose the other team. Or how about the university that said our A/E team was over-qualified for their small renovation. Or what about the school district with a poorly written Statement of Work that selected their A/E based on proposed design fees for the unknown scope. I could go on, but these examples are all procurements that in hindsight we should have not pursued.


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