Listen to Me Share Proposal Wisdom And Make A Fool Of Myself

I’ve been experimenting with podcasting lately. I recently appeared as a guest on two construction-related podcasts.

I thought I’d share these with you because I drop some proposal wisdom and I clear up any misconception about what I do for a living (spoiler alert: I have a job just like you).

Construction Industry Podcast

In this first one (which you can hear here) I speak with Cesar Abeid about proposals.

And being the flag waving, bald eagle flying, ugly American that I am…I instantly give US specific examples and narrowly avoid causing an international incident.

We discuss my career and what I do for a living, the most common proposal mistake, my $1M piece of proposal advice, my groundhog problem, using templates, one of the big things I’m working on now, and a few other topics.

A/E/C Business Podcast

In the second one, (which you can hear here) I speak with Philip Wylie on the same general topic. This time, I have a little fun with my interviewer. Fortunately, he’s a good sport.

We discuss proposals and the experiences that shaped my perception about them, social psychology, common complaints about proposals, the economics of proposals, again delve into my groundhog problem, and debate smoke signals vs. email.

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