The Difference Between a Proposal and a Choose Your Own Adventure Book

Remember those old choose your own adventure books? You would read a passage and which page you would turn to depended on which decision you would make. Well, proposals aren’t choose your own adventure books!

Someone will evaluate your proposal. For the love of God, do not make that person’s job hard. Address every single item of the RFP in order.

Do not tell the reader to flip to a different page to get the information they are looking for. Yes, that’s easier for you and it’s logical. But it makes it harder for them. You’re not being smart, you’re being lazy.

If they ask for information twice, give it to them twice. Yes, it’s not logical. It makes no sense. Deal with it.

Key Takeaway: Address every single item of the RFP in order.

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  1. Planning Boards says

    The proposal is something we offer to others now its upto them whether to take it or leave it or they need any modifications..Choose Your Own Adventure Book is 1 step before getting a proposal

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