Find The RFPs You Miss

Missed RFPs Many have said if you don’t know about the RFP before it hits the street, you have no chance of winning. Of course, I’ve built my career on winning these proposal competitions. Therefore, I need a way to find the right RFPs hitting the street around the country.

Here are a few tools that can help you do the same.

RFP Services

Here’s the thing you have to realize about RFP services: no service is sophisticated enough to find all the RFPs. So it’s foolish to rely solely on then.

With that said, there are a few I like. is in my opinion, the best one out there both in terms of quality and price.

I also use, which has found a few things others have missed.

Change Detector

Sometimes you know a RFP is about to hit the street, but you don’t know exactly when. That’s where Change is helpful. It’s a free service that monitors webpages and emails you when something new has been added. This is also perfect for making sure you don’t miss RFPs released by your key clients.


Some agencies, despite having procurement portals, send certain RFPs only to prequalified consultants. It’s important to find out exactly how your potential clients put out the RFPs you want to respond to and whether you need to be prequalified.

Please note that some private clients work this way as well.

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