How To Create The 100% Recyclable Proposal

Clients have been asking that more and more of our proposals be recyclable or made from recycled material. Eventually, they’re going to ask for the 100% recyclable proposal.

Why not beat them to the punch?

The Challenge Of Creating 100% Recyclable Proposals

We already have 100% recycled paper. That’s really easy to come by at Staples or Office Max or even my favorite, Amazon.

But What About Bindings and Covers?

How do you use bindings and covers that are 100% recycled, but still look professional. Luckily, you have a few options.

First, GBC has 100% recycled paper covers. As you can see by the picture, they don’t look too shabby.

Recycled Proposal Cover

Another option for covers is recycled binders from Guided Products. They can even do custom printing for you.

Custom Recycled Proposal Binders

For binding, you can use Eco-Combs, which are made from 100% recycled paper. To use these, I believe you would need the Paperlock Binding System.

Here’s a video of this bad boy in action:


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Have you already created a 100% recyclable proposal? Let us know your experiences by leaving a comment.


  1. Cool post. I feel like wire binding would also be a good option. Thoughts?

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