The Present and Future of Business Development in the A/E/C Industry

I struggled with whether or not I should publish this next podcast. The audio isn’t great. But after a ton of editing and post processing, I think I’ve got it listenable. And I think the topic and conversation is important enough to post in this less than perfect state.

My guest on this podcast is Scott Braley, one of the people behind the Society of Marketing Professional Services Foundation’s book, “A/E/C BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – The Decade Ahead.”

Scott details how the book, and research, came together; what was left on the cutting room table; why the book is so important; and who should read it.

It is a very interesting conversation and I hope you like it.

Depending on where you are reading this: you can listen to the podcast below, at this episode’s page (where you can also download the mp3), or by subscribing through iTunes.


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