Stop Sending Bad Email Newsletters


A contact of mine asked whether I knew of software that would help get their email newsletters past spam filters.

What I explained is this. I am a rigid spam filterer. If you send me junk mail – spam. If you send me a newsletter about how your firm is so great – spam. I would label my own mother as a spammer, if need be.

So the challenge is not so much the spam filtering technology, it’s the people who identify your email as spam. There is no getting out of someone’s spam folder. But you can stop the bleeding.

Only send email newsletters to people who would benefit in some way from the content provided. If I met you once at a networking function, don’t automatically put me on your email list. We humans hate that.

Ask if I would like to receive your newsletter. If I say yes, I’ll be more likely to read it. If I say no, you just successfully avoided getting on my nerves.

Take out all the self centered nonsense in your newsletters. Focus on providing useful information tailored to your client base. One New York architecture firm sends a newsletter that is about their clients, not them. It gets past the spam filters.

Do you have any advice for bad newsletter senders? Post a comment!

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