Two Steps To Ridiculously Photogenic Architects and Engineers


Sometimes it is hard to make architects and engineers look good. Let’s face it, they’re not exactly known for being “hotties.”

And whether or not you believe in putting people’s photographs in proposals, you’ll eventually have to get someone’s headshot done.

Have you ever gone through the trouble of either taking someone’s headshot or sending them out to a professional, only to realize later that you’re not entirely happy with the shot?

I had that experience.

I took this engineer’s picture in the office, sent him to a studio, and then even brought a photographer in to take his picture. Finally, with the help of photoshop, we got a shot that was OK (i.e. good enough).

But while the shot is acceptable, it just doesn’t capture him. He looks fine in person, but he’s just not photogenic. At least, that’s what I thought until I saw these two videos from Peter Hurley (the first of which appears at the top).

I’m a hard guy to wow. But these videos really blew me away.

In them, Hurley explains how to make normal people ridiculously photogenic by using two tricks (squinching and jawline). Even if you’re not into photography, you really should check these out.

Here’s the other video:

It’s all about the Jaw from Peter Hurley on YouTube.

Do you have any photography horror stories? Share them in the comments!


  1. Indeed! Good stuff…

  2. GREAT videos, Matt! I agree, these are pretty amazing transformations in the photos from two simple techniques.

    • Thank you Melissa,

      How is the 7 Critical Mistakes whitepaper giveaway working out?

      Do you know Wally Zimolong? I’d like to introduce you two because I’ve been urging him to do what you do on his blog.

      • Sorry, Matt, I missed your comment. Forgot to check the “notify me of follow-up comments” button. No, I do not know Wally, but his blog looks great. I will contact him and name drop your name!

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