The #1 Thing Marketers Can Learn From Mark Messier

My recent article on what marketers can learn from Wayne Gretzky prompted this interesting response from Twitter.

Challenge accepted!

Messier’s Lesson For Marketers: Get It Done, Even If You Have To Do It Yourself

Mark Messier was a contemporary and teammate of Wayne Gretzky’s. He is another one of the greatest hockey players to ever live. But one thing Messier did will forever stand as one of the “most badass moments” in sports history. When the odds were against him, he made a promise and got it done (even if he had to do it himself).

The New York Rangers had not brought the Cup back to the Big Apple since 1945, and needless to say, the natives were restless. That is until Mark Messier, brought to New York with championship dreams, led the team back to the Stanley Cup Playoffs with guns blazing. However, the Rangers found themselves with their collective backs against the wall, down 3-2 against their rival New Jersey Devils in the Eastern Conference Finals heading into Game 6. The Rangers Captain then made one of the most brazen guarantees in pro sports history, stating to the rabid New York press hordes with absolute certainty, “we will win tonight.” Down 2-1, Messier made good on his promise with a miraculous third-period hat trick, leading the Blueshirts to a 4-1 win. One more seven-game series later, Messier and co. clinched the Cup. via Ten Most Badass Moments in Stanley Cup History | The Adrenalist.

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  1. Matt, Thanks for indulging me, and I’m delighted that you took the analogy in a different way than I expected. Some times its individual grit and determination that is required, which Messier defined that Stanley Cup run in 1994, to bring in that new client or to get that promotion.   This is my analogy. The Gretzky/Messier duo is arguable the greatest pairing in hockey history, perhaps in all of sports. Gretzky was a finesse player, while Messier was a physical one. Their style of play on the ice created opportunities for the other. Good process and consistent execution are two complementary elements of a marketing department and your company’s marketing plan. I’ll let you decide if process is finesse and execution is physical, but without one of them opportunities are that much harder to attain.

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