The Best Business Development Book You’ve Never Read and How You Can Get Your Hands On It

The Book

A verbal NDA agreement I entered into has been lifted and I have some awesome news for you.

There is a book coming out from an author I greatly admire. It’s his first book and it is a game changer. I was given an advance copy of the book a few months ago and was blown away.

I can’t disclose the author or title of the book, because it hasn’t even been announced. But here is what I can tell you about it.

  1. It’s the best book related to business development that I’ve ever read.
  2. I’ve personally brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue for my firm just from using the methods outlined in this book.
  3. That’s nothing because the author and others have brought in millions using these tactics.
  4. Even the most timid, shy, or uncomfortable person can use the tactics outlined in this book and start bringing in work today.

Like I said, it’s a game changer. If you aren’t happy with the volume of revenue you generate or want to start bringing in business for your company but don’t really know where to start, I have to recommend that you read this book.

But come on folks, you know how I operate. Here’s the part where I give you something awesome, absolutely free, with no strings attached.

On October 2nd, next Tuesday, I’m going to send an exclusive excerpt of this book to my entire subscriber mailing list.

If you are reading this in an email, there is nothing you have to do. You’re already subscribed and will receive it.

If you are reading this on the web, enter your email below or click here to subscribe and receive the free excerpt next Tuesday.


  1. Todd Bonner says


    I am very interested in getting my hands on this book and getting some results for my firm very quickly. Has this book been released yet? If not, do you have an ETA for it?

    Thanks very much.


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