Why Marketers and Owners Don’t Always See Eye To Eye

How many marketers have rolled their eyes because a firm owner “just didn’t get it?” How many owners have wished marketers would stop for a second to appreciate that they know what they’re talking about? Today, I’m going to share why this division exists. Plus, I’ll explain how the late 80s hair-metal group, Extreme can […]

3 Big Takeaways From Build Business 2016

Last week, I attended the Society Of Marketing Professional Services’s Build Business Conference here in Philadelphia. It’s the biggest conference related to marketing and business development in the construction industry. Here are my three biggest takeaways from the week. Forget Hamilton…Be Like Thomas Jefferson (Or Maybe Michelle Martin) Before the conference even started, I participated […]

Why You Should Never Have To Fill Out A Form

I hate filling out forms. And it’s time to be honest. You hate forms too. When someone hands us a form to fill out, he or she might as well be stabbing us in the heart. And we’re left there wondering, “Why do I have to fill this out?” It just feels like needless work. […]

How To Move People To Action

Last week, we explored why people make illogical decisions. And I explained the concept of the elephant and rider. Almost immediately, I got this question: “Matt, where are you going with this? What do I do with this information?” Ha. That’s a great question. I certainly want to give people actionable advice. What Action Should […]

How To Finally Understand Illogical Decisions

Have you ever been frustrated by an illogical decision a client, coworker, or friend has made? You just look at it and ask, “What are they thinking?” They’d have to be insane to make that decision, right? It can make you want to pull your hair out. It can make you want to scream at […]

Questions You Should Ask Before Agreeing To Be A Sub

It seems like the perfect situation. You get an email from a firm asking you to be on their team for a proposal they are putting together. They will be the “prime” and you will be their “sub.” Teaming arrangements can be great. There are plenty of firms out there that generate most of their […]

How To Solve Your Biggest Problem

We all have something in our life or our job that, let’s face it, despite our best efforts… …just doesn’t seem to be working. Wouldn’t it be great if we could fix that thing? Today, I’m going to open up and share with you how I solved the biggest problem in my life. And I’m […]

The Unconventional Guide To Content Management

I think every marketer has experienced it at least once. You look for an important piece of firm information, but it’s not readily available. Or at least, it’s not where you think it should be. So, you spend more time than you should trying to dig it up. It’s not uncommon for even the smallest […]

How To Gain The Courage To Be Different

One of the most interesting questions I’ve received is, “How can we gain the courage to be different?” That’s a great question. Many of our problems in business and life come down to fear. Fear protects us and, unfortunately, it limits us. Most of my readers now recognize that “different is better than better.” But […]

Is Marketing Professional Gambling?

Remember how you felt the last time one of your marketing initiatives worked? We’ve all experienced that. It feels tremendous. It feels like you are in command of destiny. But they don’t all work, do they? Every marketer has experienced the feeling of failure when one of his or her campaigns or pet projects underperforms. […]