Matt’s Speaking Work

Matt Handal delivers practical, useful, and entertaining insight into the challenges of marketing professional services firms.

Matt has been a featured speaker for Build Business, The American Institute of Architects, Women’s Transportation Seminar, various chapters of the Society of Marketing Professional Services, and the Delaware Valley Law Firm Marketing Group.

If you’re looking for useful and actionable advice that your group can start using today, inquire about bringing Matt to visit with your organization.

There are thousands of “speakers” you can conjure up to jet in and tell you a handful of things you already know. But, as the fans and admirers who have benefited from his work can tell you: there’s only one Matt Handal.

For information about bringing in Matt to visit with your organization or company, please drop us a line via our contact form. Thanks.

Bringing Matt out to our chapter was a great investment. It was one of the best events ever, it attracted many potential members we hadn’t seen before, and we walked away with a profit. I’m glad I took the advice of my fellow chapter presidents. – Krystal Vickers, SMPS Oklahoma

Matt’s Current Talks

Mind Marketing: Getting Into Your Client’s Head

This is an expanded and updated version of the 2011 SMPS Build Business presentation, The Science of Influence. The presentation goes over the science of the mind and how you can leverage this knowledge to get into your client’s head.

Topics Include:

  • The Science Behind How We Make Decisions
  • How People Who Say We Make Emotional Decisions Are Misleading You
  • Weapons You Can Use To Influence Decisions
  • Animated Examples of How These Weapons Can Be Used
  • The Secret Top Ad Men Have Known For Years
  • Real World Tactics For Getting Into Your Clients’ Heads

Of all the seminars, workshops, and lectures I’ve attended in my decade-long marketing career, yours was by far the most interesting and insightful. – Jennifer Lawson, Ross Group

Client For A Day

This session is a hands-on experiment that puts you in the role of the proposal evaluator. Each group will be presented with a number of REAL proposals and will be required to decide on a clear winner.

By gaining a TRUE understanding of what proposal evaluators are challenged with and how they make decisions, you’ll know what to focus on the next time you develop a proposal.

We were very pleased to have Matt return to Indiana and share his knowledge and insight with his proposal workshop. Matt originally provided this workshop for SMPS Indiana approximately 6 years ago and it was one of the best workshops (in attendance and survey results) we have had. We had an exceptional turnout for both workshops and the timing for his recent workshop couldn’t have been better; we were in the middle of our new membership drive and half the attendees were SMPS guests. Matt’s workshop was a great showcase of the educational value of an SMPS membership and was a profitable event for our chapter. If you haven’t had Matt present to your chapter, I strongly encourage you to contact him and get him on your schedule! You won’t be disappointed! – Michael S. Meddock

Proposal Development Secrets: Win More, Work Smarter, and Get Home on Time

The length Matt went to make our proposal training workshop a success exceeded my expectations. His proposal training was fresh, informative and the perfect way to kick off our year. -Stacy Dickinson, SMPS Oklahoma

Based on the book of the same name, this presentation delves deeper into the proposal development secrets that will give you an edge over your competition. It also covers additional topics not included in the book.

Topics Include:

  • The Ten-Second Resume
  • The Project Relevance Formula
  • Dealing With Unreasonable Page Limits
  • What To Do If Your Proposal Gets Rejected
  • The Cardinal Rule of Proposal Development

The Real Science of Social Media: Debunking the Myths and Giving You An Action Plan

In the 10,000th presentation you’ve seen on social media, Matt takes you through a social media teardown. Using real data, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. You’ll also learn from his own successes and mistakes. Nobody will be safe from this presentation. Matt will speak ill of “social media experts,” “industry leaders,” the deceased, and even himself. Some will leave the room crying, but all will leave with concrete actions to help them be more effective when using social media to develop business in the A/E/C world.

Topics Include:

  • How My Disastrous High School Experience is Like Your Disastrous Social Media Marketing Efforts
  • Why The Studies on Social Media are Nonsense
  • The Point Where Improved Recruiting Became a Viable Marketing Metric
  • The Most Effective Social Media Tactic You’re Not Doing
  • The Best Time To Tweet, Send Newsletters, Etc.
  • The Best Way, By Far, To Distribute Video
  • Actions You Can Take To Be Effective With Social Media

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