Four Science and Behavior Posts Marketers Should Read

Just like everybody else, I stumble upon items of interest when traversing the “interwebs.“ For some reason, I always find myself reading stuff about marketing, human behavior, and our brains. Here are some recent items I found which I thought would be worth passing on.

Most of what we “know” about the human brain is completely wrong. Here, the often dubious highlights six commonly held beliefs about the human brain that are actually myths.

Ok, so what do we know about the brain? Surprisingly little. In fact, it is said that if we learned how we can pick up a glass of water, that would be a huge leap in our understanding of the human brain. However, we do know some things. This slide show explains some things we know about the brain and how you can apply that knowledge to creating presentations.

When your CEO comes up to you and asks why the company isn’t performing as well as expected, I advise you not to say, “it’s probably your face!” Despite that, this study suggests there is a link between the shape of a CEOs face and a company’s financial performance. Sounds a little dubious, but certainly worth a read.

This blogger poses an interesting, albeit common, scenario. What do you do when the sales staff simply refuses to input data into the CRM? The answers posted in the comments are actually more interesting than the post.

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